VNLA Junior Latte skates and more new items are in!

We just got our new shipment of VNLA products in today, they are ready to ship! We have the new VNLA Junior Latte (pictured). VNLA Anniversary wheels, red VNLA Uprock wheels and Limited Freestyle skates. Get your orders in while quantities last! They will be up on the site soon, you can call in your order now! VNLA-LATTE.jpg



Atom Backpacks

The new Atom Backpacks are in stock and ready to ship. The backpacks are available in four vibrant colors, red, green, blue, and pink.
Please note the backpacks pictured on our website have the old logo. The new backpacks have an ATOM logo instead of Luigino. Atom Skates also added a “BOOM” logo towards the bottom. As soon as the new photos are available, we will let you know.

To place your order visit or call us at 913-894-5178

New and back again VNLA and Backspin wheels now available for shipping

Some new wheels and a couple of classics have come back to roll again!

Backspin Scribble They are back!! 62x42mm 91a


NEW Vanilla Uprock Classic 62x42mm Black 95a, Pink 95a and Blue 92a

BackSpin Blueprint Wheels 62x42mm 91a – have returned!


Backspin Rockstar wheels also returned in size 62x42mm 91a


Remix Lite wheels in black or white are back on the site, Remix Black, and Deluxe Blue.

To place your order visit or call us at 913-894-5178

VNLA 360 Skates ON SALE

vnla-360-with-deluxe-lite-wheels-2VNLA 360 skates are now on sale! We have multiple packages available at lower than ever before prices!

Place your order online, login to see exact prices, or call us at 913-894-5178








RD Candi Girl skates are back in stock

It is tough keeping these skates in stock, but we have all sizes back in stock at this time.

The Carlin and the Sabina are in ladies sizes. The RD Rewind is in stock in all sizes as this time too, it is the all black version in mens sizes.

To place your order visit or call us at 913-894-5178